We work with "LARGE" drones

Solving problem with 

LARGE drones

Creation of next generation infrastructure utilising innovative technology

To challenge critical situations such as disaster recovery and remote area delivery by drones to make the world a better place. 


Founder and CEO
Masaaki Hatano

After successful exit of his company in 2010, Masaaki have been working in Rakuten and Recruit as a venture capitalist. In 2015 he started his next online education company [BeSomebody] and now have over 100K students. 

In 2017, Masaaki started Drone Future Aviation to create a better world with next generation drone infrastructure. 

Leif Johan Holand

Founder, COB, GRIFF Aviation

Mr. Holand has been in the helicopter industry since 1995 and owner of Magic Air AS. His responsibility was as a helicopter gyro-operator and coordinator of helicopter mission for lager TV, feature film and commercial shootings. He has been CEO of a multimedia company Fuglefjellet and are now the head of GRIFF Aviation as the COB and business development. The goal for GRIFF Aviation is to develop the safest, most industrial UAS system.

Co-Founder and COO
Daigo Matsubayashi

After graduating Meijigakuin University, Matsubayashi have been in marketing & advertising for most of his career. He has been awarded the best sales and marketing strategy award of year 2000.

Today he is a private investor and advisor of DFA and have agreed to join as the core member since July 2017.

Jotaro Hayashi

Jotaro studys at Keio SFC and working on BA of drone and economics.

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